We recognize the challenges of doing business in today’s marketplace. LEBS provides comprehensive wrap-around support services to assist our small business clients, both administratively and operationally, through each stage of their business lifecycle. We not only address the challenges associated with accessing, obtaining and increasing bonding, identifying and securing capital for a business’ cash flow, but we assist them with their project operations from “cradle to grave”, including quality management, project controls, certification, business development, marketing, and proposal preparation. The technical assistance LEBS provides to small businesses helps fill the need of city, state and federal agencies to increase the number of qualified small and disadvantaged business participation on projects.

As seasoned professionals, our business services team has over 65 years of combined experience and we know that there are many important steps that lead to growing a successful business. From the core steps of establishing the right business processes in the home office and developing business opportunities by implementing effective strategies, to building financial strength by implementing best practices and executing quality work in the field…the LEBS team implements our comprehensive, inception to completion, wrap-around support services to erase a small business’ knowledge gaps – “meeting each one where they are” – with the objective of fostering progress to the next phase in the business growth cycle.

Each member of our team shares the deep seeded passion to have a meaningful contribution to the substantive education, growth and ultimate success of every small business client we serve. We are proud of our individual and collective accomplishments over the years and bring that wealth of knowledge, experience and willingness to serve to every client.


  • Business Development

    • Identify. Strategize. Execute. Deliver. We identify, strategize, execute and deliver our leading edge business solutions to your firm and turn opportunities to sales. We help you grow your business by identifying opportunities in your target markets through our methodical Foundation Assessment Services (FAS). Through engaging our FAS, our clients come away with a definitive strategy to expand into new markets and a defined path toward exposure to viable opportunities towards achieving measurable growth. With LEBS’ strategy formulation and execution, your firm will benefit considerably by realizing results in a shorter time frame.


  • Certification & Pre-Qualification Application Preparation
    • Certification from local, state, and federal agencies allows you to position your company to take advantage of the procurement opportunities in those industries offering set aside and sole source contracts, as well as contributing to the small business and DBE participation goals on projects. As your company becomes eligible to obtain certifications specific to your company’s enterprise, our Business Services Team will assist you in the completion and timely submission of the appropriate certification applications. Our team will also assist you in the submission of Pre-Qualification applications for both public agencies as well as prime contractors.


  • Proposal Preparation & Management
    • LEBS provides comprehensive writing and management of proposals. Our Proposal Management Services includes managing proposal teams, proposal development and writing, proposal production, and developing post-proposal presentations. We will assist you in preparing your bids, identifying win themes, and creating compelling narratives with dynamic designs that result in attractive, winning proposals.


  • Surety Bonding

    • We understand the challenges for small businesses to obtain bonding in order to compete for projects. To increase our clients’ probability of obtaining a bond, we work with surety bond agents that participate in the Small Business Administration (SBA’s) Surety Bonds Guarantee Program.


  • Access to Capital

    • Access to capital is a major barrier for small businesses. Recognizing that our clients need financial assistance in order to have and manage cash flow, we work with lenders that understand the needs of small businesses. Our sources of funding include lenders in the Small Business Administration (SBA’s) Community Advantage Approved Lenders program.