Subramania I. Sritharan,

Director of Environmental Sciences

Subramania (Sri) I. Sritharan, Ph. D., P.E. has, for over 42 years, been actively engaged in numerous areas of water resources research and education. Sri has professional expertise in the areas of Water Quality and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Analysis, Hydrology, Irrigation and Drainage, Surface Hydraulics, Sub-Surface Hydraulics and Remote Sensing Applications in the Environment.

With a Ph. D and Master of Science in the Hydraulics Program, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering from the University of Ceylon, Sri leads our LEBS team of environmental engineers and scientists in the various interdisciplinary issues related to water resources management. Sri has been instrumental in providing leadership that resulted in the growth of research, training and educational projects. A product of academia, Sri has successfully educated Water Resource Management college students for over 41 years.

Research areas: Hydro/environmental systems modeling for control; Biospheric-atmospheric interactions for General Circulation Models, Global changes in rainfall runoff processes; Renewable energy technology applications in water resources systems; Optimal management of Irrigation and Drainage systems; Applications of Remote Sensing; and Environmental Technology Transfer.