We are a team of professionals with broad multidisciplinary expertise who are passionate about what we do. We have an unwavering commitment to serving our clients and delivering the best solutions to meet their needs.

Our qualified staff has worked with clients in a diverse range of industries. Our extensive experience affords us the opportunity to provide proven solutions to address your environmental and business needs.  Our team brings unique vision, understanding and skills to each project we undertake. Thorough understanding of technical issues makes us qualified to provide our clients a roadmap to success.



    Bianca R. Graves is an accomplished business professional with over 21 years of experience in both the engineering and construction industries. Bianca serves in several roles within LEBS and provides her expertise to each division as necessary. An Environmental Scientist by profession, she has worked for global environmental engineering firms and amassed extensive experience in the disciplines of Water Resources Management, Hydrology, Environmental Risk Assessments and Remedial Investigations. Her diverse background also encompasses both the administrative and operational aspects of construction. With involvement from identification of a project to contract award to project completion, she has served in roles including Business Development Manager, Project Manager and field personnel. Her business acumen has proven invaluable to the success of the small businesses with whom she has provided business services.

    A native of Michigan, Bianca is a graduate of Central State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Water Resources Management.


    Subramania (Sri) I. Sritharan, Ph. D., P.E. has, for over 42 years, been actively engaged in numerous areas of water resources research and education. Sri has professional expertise in the areas of Water Quality and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Analysis, Hydrology, Irrigation and Drainage, Surface Hydraulics, Sub-Surface Hydraulics and Remote Sensing Applications in the Environment.


    With a Ph. D and Master of Science in the Hydraulics Program, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering from the University of Ceylon, Sri leads our LEBS team of environmental engineers and scientists in the various interdisciplinary issues related to water resources management. Sri has been instrumental in providing leadership that resulted in the growth of research, training and educational projects. A product of academia, Sri has successfully educated Water Resource Management college students for over 41 years.


    Research areas: Hydro/environmental systems modeling for control; Biospheric-atmospheric interactions for General Circulation Models, Global changes in rainfall runoff processes; Renewable energy technology applications in water resources systems; Optimal management of Irrigation and Drainage systems; Applications of Remote Sensing; and Environmental Technology Transfer.

  • Dr. Krishnakumar V. Nedunuri - WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT LEADER

    Krishnakumar (Kumar) V. Nedunuri, Ph.D. has, for over 21 years, been influential in providing engineering solutions that address the ever demanding needs of our environment. As the author of numerous research presentations, papers and reports presented at both national and regional conferences, coupled with Kumar’s extensive technical background helps make LEBS a premier provider of environmental services.

    Kumar has a Ph. D. in Environmental Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Process Systems and Controls, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T), Bombay, India and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam, India. A product of academia, Kumar has successfully secured over $3.2 million in Research and Educational Grants and has educated Water Resource Management college students for over 15 years.

  • Dr. Samuel A. Okunade - GEOLOGY / GEOGRAPHY LEADER

    Samuel A. Okunade, Ph. D. plays a significant role in addressing the geologic needs of our valued clients.

    With extensive experience gained over his 25 year career, Dr. Sam’s areas of expertise include Urban Planning, Environmental Geology, Geomorphology, Soils and Characterization of Soils, and Physical Geology. A product of academia, Dr. Sam has been instrumental in educating Water Resource Management college students for over 20 years.

    Dr. Sam holds a Ph. D. in Geomorphology from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, a Master of Arts in Regional and Urban Development from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a Master of Science in Geology / Geography from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska , a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science / Geography from Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio, a Nigerian Certificate in Education in Geography and English, a New York State Teachers Permanent Certificate in Social Studies and a New York State Teachers Permanent Certificate in Earth Sciences and General Science.


    Bridgett Lomax has, for over 16 years, developed and implemented strategies resulting in restricted and unrestricted funds from corporations and foundations to support the special projects and initiatives of our clients. She conceives, plans, and writes letters of intent, concept papers, grant requests, and reports to local and national funders. Bridget works collaboratively across function areas to determine organizational needs and priorities and match them with philanthropic opportunities. Bridgett identifies and cultivates funding prospects that have resulted in grants of totaling $16 million.

    Bridgett has a Master of Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon Institute and a Bachelor of Science from Drexel University.


    Karen W. Walker with over 18 years of experience is a Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) and leads the charge in developing knowledge management strategies for our firm and our clients in order to become industry leaders by leading and directing large scale corporate programs focused on the domain of knowledge management. Karen establishes strategies for structured relevant processes and systems and ensures that companies foster common practices for specific, methodical and consistent management of company intellectual property; and improves the probability of organizations executing on strategy while achieving anticipated outcomes across their enterprise.

    Karen is a graduate of Central State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.